Book Marketing Communication Plan

Product description

Sophie May is content with her life in her small English village, working in the local coffee shop and living with her mum. But when Billy comes to town, Sophie’s quiet life is quickly turned on its head. Being with Billy comes at a price, and Sophie is thrown in the spotlight after years of shying away from attention. Billy and Me is Giovanna Fletcher’s debut novel.


The genre of Billy and Me is a fictional, contemporary romance novel. The subject is mainly Chick Lit, but crosses over into Young Adult reading.


  1. Make sure author reaches out to audience by attending at least 10 book signing events across England during the release month. The locations for these is mainly Waterstones stores, but could include W H Smith as well.
  2. Reach the first year and second year sales targets for the book.
  3. To achieve three national print media book reviews by the end of November. These should be written by credited reviewers.

Target market

  • Primary market: key readership for the book is British female adults of around 16-35 years old. Predominantly, the book might appeal to single or unmarried women who are seeking romance and escapism in the books they read. The book might also appeal to those who seek a relatable character to form a connection with. Fans of Fletcher’s YouTube channel and blogging site are also a key target audience for the book. The happy, uplifting and light-hearted theme throughout the book would create a readership of optimists and achievers as an audience bracket.
  • For example: the perfect customer persona for the books would be a 20-something British woman who lives in a small town and is close to her family and friends. She would be interested in the outdoors and the simple pleasures in life like tea and cake. She would have a sense of community and strong values when it comes to the treatment of people she cares about.
  • Secondary market: Due to Fletcher’s online presence, the book may also target YA readers who know her from her Instagram, twitter or vlogging channel.

Key sales channels

Retailers which would sell Billy and Me are:

  • High street booksellers: W H Smith, Waterstones, some local bookshops.
  • Online sellers: Amazon, Book Depositary.
  • Supermarkets: Tesco, Sainsburys.
  • eBook sellers: iBook, Kindle, Kobo, Google Play, eBooks by Sainsburys.

Positioning the book

Within the market, I will position the book as: ‘A wonderfully warm read for those looking for comfort and romance – both young and old’. It’s USP would be the celebrity appeal of the author, enabling her to reach both YA readers and chick-lit fans.

Communication Tactics

  • Print advertising: Print adverts to be featured on train station/tube adverts and bus stop adverts. Deliver large print posters to selected companies a month before book release. As well as this, deliver to bookseller stores such as W H Smith to go in store windows.
  • Online advertising: Digital adverts to be included on author’s blogging site, and other relevant book blogging accounts as a website banner.
  • Newsletters and email campaigns: Launch email newsletters to subscribers of author’s blog/vlog three months before release, with updated newsletters each month. The emails should include release date, countdown, reviews from those who has previewed the book, images of author promoting books, events near receiver of email.
  • Social media: Use Twitter and Instagram to gain a following using #BillyandMe to build recognition of the title to the audience. Involve with social media conversations around the book. Utilise author’s celebrity status to get mainstream and influential accounts to promote/share book as well. There is no time frame for this, just to be constant.
  • TV and Radio: Contact This Morning about appearing on the show for an exclusive interview with author about book and the personal story behind it. Enquire about featuring on local radio stations such as BBC Surrey (or a variation of). This should be included whilst on the book tour, so during the release month.
  • Newspapers and Magazines: A month before release, approach Cosmopolitan and Glamour magazine to see if they would do a feature article with the author talking about the book and the real-life experiences behind it.
  • Bookstore promotions: Communicate with bookstores that when the book arrives in their store, it should go on a front of house table, with a promotion for the book at a promotional price during opening week. This will need to be done two weeks before it goes into stores.
  • Public events: Launch a book tour throughout the month of release across England, visiting popular bookstores such as Waterstones and W H Smith. Also include ticketed Q&A sessions along side the most popular book signing locations.
  • Additionally: Link with Visit Cornwall to include a competition which, for those who buy the book, can enter to win an all-inclusive holiday to a village that Billy and Me was inspired by.

How will I evaluate my campaign?

I will evaluate how successful this communication plan has been through measuring how well the objectives are reached, and how the audience receives the book. I will look at:

  • Sales figures of book in first year and second year of release.
  • Look at what book reviews have were written, how people have responded to them and the reach they received.
  • Review how many people came to the book signings that were held and engaged with author.
  • Review and evaluate how good the social media response, hits and engagement was.

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