Book Marketing Brand Analysis

Giovanna Fletcher is a British author, presenter, actress, vlogger and blogger.

Her fiction books include:

  • Billy and Me
  • You’re the One That I Want
  • Christmas With Billy and Me
  • Dream a Little Dream

Giovanna fletcher books

Fletcher’s books are romance novels and have a young, female target audience, falling within the Chick Lit genre, but also crossing over into YA. Her general branding and overall image is very similar to those who also write in this genre. The way the books have been designed and packaged shows this as they all have very romantic coloured covers and have the same typography which makes the books easy to identify as hers. Fletcher has also established herself as a fun and light-hearted brand – something which her books and wider branding reflects.

However, what differentiates her from the others is that she is a vlogger and very active on social media. This is how she markets herself to YA readers as well. Appearing on multi-platforms means she appears friendly, down-to-earth and interested in her audience. This is a successful way of presenting herself as a brand.

Marketing activities which Fletcher has employed to establish herself as an author and a brand include book signings and events such as interviews followed by audience Q&A. These are a good way to promote the author brand as readers can meet the author in person and get a sense of personality.

To support her own brand, Fletcher has her vlogging channel and has also set up her own blogging website where people can be kept updated with her upcoming books and events. The site is very informal and features family, personal and candid pictures. Also, her author headshots within the books are bright, open and have her smiling.

giovanna headshot

My main recommendation to improve Fletcher’s brand identity would be to make the book covers stand out and be different to all the other Chick Lit books out there.

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