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Here is my tube advert for Billy and Me, created in Adobe InDesign.

Creative Reflection

To create this, I used Adobe InDesign because I feel it allowed me to create an advert that was graphic, clean and able to have different elements on one image.

I decided to feature an image of the book in the advert because it would allow the audience to have recognition of the book itself, and so when they go into bookstores they would know what they are looking for. Additionally, in the top and bottom banners I made, I included the same graphics that the book has on the front cover so, again, the audience has recognition of the book design they would be looking for in the shop. The banners include imagery from the book itself, with the little village imagery and graphics. The bottom banner also includes the author name and the USP that the author has.

The colour scheme I chose was based on the book. To get a swatch of colours ready for me to use, I used the ‘colour theme tool’, where I could select a colour from within the image of the book, and an array of similar and complimentary colours is created in a swatch. I then used these to create a pink background colour that is bright, and feminine – something which would appeal to her target market. Additionally, the pink connotes love, suggesting and displaying the genre.

My font decisions were also based around those which were featured on the book cover. For example, the swirly, script font for the title ‘Billy and Me’, I applied to the ‘Out Now’ title in order to make it stand out from the rest, and link back to the book. Having all these elements similar to the book makes the advert look cohesive.

As a final element I added puff quotes in bright orange circles. Within these, I included reviews by influencers such as a recognised chick-lit author and Star magazine, which would be a magazine that the target audience might read. Including these means that the audience is given more information and might be more encouraged to read the book if they think professionals also enjoyed it.

Overall, I am pleased with the way my final advert looks as I feel the colours, font and graphics work well to compliment each other. Also, if I was looking at it from the perspective of an audience member, I would find the information given from the puff quotes and the ‘Out Now’ title helpful and just enough to know where I could get the book and why I should get it. I am pleased with how it is not too busy or overwhelming with imagery or text.

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